LEM ribbon microphone

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Here we have a very shiny bidirectional ribbon microphone from French manufacturer LEM. This design inside is quite close to the old Amperite ribbon mics with a long wide ribbon and the magnets to the rear. Judging from the technology this is likely to date from the 1930s or 1940s.

To improve output and signal-to-noise performance I have fitted a new ribbon, new, more powerful magnets and a custom Xaudia transformer. And of course fresh grill cloths, a good quality cable to XLR, and a thread adapter for standard 5/8″ mic stands.

It has a wonderfully rich warm tone, and looks great with bright chrome finish, with wear and tear that you might expect from an 80 year old microphone! Looks great and sounds great.

Condition: Used
Stock code: G200
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