Oktava ML-11m No.7 (1961) Cardioid Ribbon Mic

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Oktava ML-11M No.7 (1961).

Large 1960s Soviet era cardioid ribbon microphone, based on the RCA 77A and KU3A designs.

This example was made in 1961 and has been completely stripped, cleaned and re-built here at the Xaudia. It has new ribbon, new cable and new grill cloths. The bottom bell and grills have been refinished. The transformer is original. A 5/8″ thread adapter has been fitted to the bottom of the mic for compatibility with modern mic stands.

Everything in perfect working order. Please see the pictures for cosmetic condition

Cardioid ribbon mics have a lower proximity effect than figure-8 models.

Output impedance is 250 ohms.

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