RCA Brass stand adapter (nickel plated)

Now available through Extinct Audio…

These thread adapters fit most of the ‘big’ vintage RCA microphones, including the 44A, 44BX, 74b, and 77 ranges, and also are perfect for Sony professional mics, including the C38b and C48 microphones, and many other older American and Japanese microphones.

5/8” internal thread – £10 each plus postage.

Microphones we have found so far that these fit include….

Most RCA 44, PB140, PB144, 74b, 77B, 77DX, MI-4010-A and BK-11.
Some (but not all) models of the RCA Varacoustic.
Sony C38, C48, FV300, Some C37s.
Many Aiwa, Toshiba and Matsushita ribbon mics
Syncron / Fairchild AU7a
Some older Amperite mics

Please ask about your model. We have many other adapters and can often make something to fit unusual microphones.

Condition: New
Stock code: RCA adapter
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