RCA Varacoustic Ribbon

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RCA Varacoustic multi-pattern ribbon microphone. This is a British-built Varacoustic, with a more rigid body than the US version. The Varacoustic model was very much a ‘poor man’s 77’. It used used the same magnet and motor assembly as the more famous RCA 77D models, but with a different directional pattern selector mechanism and a cast body that would have been less expensive to mass-produce.

This example has been completely restored throughout, refinished, re-wired and re-ribboned. The grill cloths have been replaced and a new cable to XLR fitted. The original RCA transformer is in place and wired for 250 ohm output. The transformer has a second tap that allows the output to be reduced to 50 ohms.

Needless to say it is working perfectly and sounds good in all positions.

Supplied with an Extinct Audio RCA thread adapter.

Condition: Used
Stock code: x232
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