Reslo RB 250/600 Ribbon microphone

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This is a Reslo RB in rare original factory bronze finish. In ten years I have only seen a handful of bronze Reslo RB mirophones like this.

This has the original mid-range transformer in place, which has been wired for 600 ohm output. (It can easily be switched to 250 ohms on request).  It can be used with modern preamps.

Grounding has been improved to reduce hum susceptibilty. Both the motor and body are connected to one of the pins, so it does not solely rely on the screw thread of the plug to make contact.

This microphone has been fitted with a new ribbon. has been cleaned inside and out, and has new foam.

Supplied with a Reslo branded leatherette case, XLR adapter and old Reslo desk stand.

Finally… if you buy this PLEASE do not use metal polish on it!

Condition: Used
Stock code: x645
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