Electro-Voice V1x ribbon microphone

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Finally… an Electrovoice ribbon microphone that sounds as good as it looks.

This EV V1 has been extensively upgraded with new magnets and new ribbon. It is fitted with an Extinct Audio ‘black ops’ ribbon mic transformer with is an ideal match for the long wide ribbon, balancing the deep tones with the necessary clarity to sound ‘just right’. It has a good strong output and low self-noise.

In addition, the flimsy EV plastic ribbon clamps have been replaced with rigid metal ones, which is really needed in these mics to ensure low noise and reliable operation. The grill cloths have been renewed and of course it has new Canare output cable wired to Neutrik XLR. Overall it is technically and sonically much better than it was when new.

The metal work is in good shape and nicely bright. There are some scratches typical for age, but generally in excellent condition all round.

Probably the best EV ribbon mic on the planet!


Condition: Used
Stock code: G101
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