Turner 87 Ribbon

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Turner 87 Velocity ribbon microphone, serviced in good working order.

This is a really early vintage ribbon mic, first introduced in 1948.

The design is a little unusual in that the microphone has two transformers inside. The first steps the signal up from the ribbon, and the second acts as a matching transformer with 4 output taps at 50Ω, 250Ω, 500Ω and high-impedance. If you like a lot of vintage iron in your signal chain, this microphone certainly has it!

This microphone has been fully restored and cleaned inside and out. The body has been re-finished and the microphone has a new ribbon and new short cable to XLR. Please see photos for cosmetic condition.

And of course it is working perfectly. The output is a little lower than modern microphones but is very usable and has a smooth rich tone. It is a lovely mic and I am keeping its twin for my own collection.

Condition: Used
Stock code: x1021
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