Extinct Audio BM9 bidirectional studio ribbon

New studio ribbon microphone designed by Xaudia and available now from Extinct Audio.

Please see the review at Sound on Sound

Sound clips and videos here. Some independent reviews below…

…a superb, hand built, ribbon microphone, in the finest tradition of Yorkshire craftsmanship and engineering. It produces an extraordinary level of fine detail. The low end is rich and full. It is a joy to work with…. I still can’t help going ‘Oooo shiny’ every time I open the lid of the box!

Read the full review of the BM9 at Martin Mitchell’s microphone blog.

“I am really, really impressed with how good they are. I have a bunch of large ribbon 1950’s RCA 44 type mics and they stand up to them no problem and actually in a lot of ways are better. They have that large ribbon sound. Very natural, great highs and lows and everything in between.”
Neil Innes, ATA Records.

“These are really great. Their tone sits between a 4038 and a Royer 122 and they have a lovely bass tip up. Slightly more pronounced we think than a 4038 at a given distance.”
Jamie Neale, independent test at Real World Studios.

£599 inc. VAT
Condition: New
Stock code: BM9
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