Ribbon Microphones


Ribbon Microphone Repairs

The Xaudia microphone repair service can bring your old ribbon mic back to life. We can install new ribbons, check and rejuvenate magnets, upgrade transformers, replace cables and of course make those myriad tiny adjustments that make your mic sound better.

We are based in the UK, giving owners in Europe an alternative to sending their ribbon microphone to the USA.


Since 2010 we have serviced over 5000 microphones. Click here to read some customer comments and feedback.

We can repair and refurbish all types of ribbon microphones –  including Altec, BBC-Marconi, B&O, Beyer, Cadenza, Electrovoice, EMI, Grampian, GEC, Grundig, HMV, Lustraphone, Melodium, Oktava, Reslo, RCA, Royer, STC, Tannoy, Trix, Western Electric, etc.  And of course, we repair, modify and upgrade modern mics too, such as T-Bone, Nady, Stellar, Golden Age, and so on.

Each microphone we service is examined on receipt, and before we start work we provide an estimate of what needs doing, how long it will take and how much it will cost. Re-ribboning rates start from £59 plus postage*, depending on the type and condition of your microphone.

(*Typical price for a good condition Reslo microphone. Other mics cost more so please ask about your microphone).


In many cases a new ribbon will give lower noise, higher output and extended frequency response. We use precision cutting and corrugating equipment based on the original methods used by RCA, to ensure the best possible replacement ribbon for your microphone. We use high purity aluminium foils of appropriate thickness for the model.


Output transformers can become broken or damaged, and we have coil winding facilities to rewind and repair vintage output transformers. Although some vintage transformers are excellent, others are not, and some modern budget ribbon mics have particularly weak transformers, which merit replacement.

We manufacture and fit replacement low noise, full bandwidth output transformers for both vintage and modern microphones. We can create a custom output transformer to your requirements, or supply a matching transformer to connect your mic to your preamp.

Read more about transformer repairs and upgrades.


In a ribbon microphone the output level is proportional to the magnetic field strength. Old ferromagnets can lose their strength over time, leading to weak output and a noisy microphone. This is particularly common in B&O microphones. We can measure your magnetic field and for many models can replace or boost fading magnets.

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We offer upgrades for all models of modern ribbon mics, including Nady, Apex, Stellar, T-Bone, MXL, Golden Age, and others. A good ribbon and a good transformer can make a world of difference to a budget microphone.

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