Customer Feedback

Since 2007, Xaudia has been providing services for recording studios and artists around the globe. We are lucky to have some of the best customers in the world, and many of them have been kind enough to share their experiences. Maybe we can help you with your ribbon microphones too?

Some customer feedback on our work & service

“I am really blown away. Stewart is a professional, all around nice guy from the first correspondence to final delivery. My “new” Beomic sounds fantastic and is prepared for years to come. Thank you.”
Mario Dahmen, Liquid Aether Audio, Schleiden-Broich, Germany (BM3)

“Just did a testing of the Coles. They sound great. You’ve made us really happy!”
Alessio Di Turi, UER Studio, Hasselt, Belgium
“I just checked the mic as a stereo room for drums, as overheads and on acoustic guitar and I love it!”
Jan Siekmann, Berlin, Germany (B&O BM5)

“I loved the sound of my Reslos from the very first day I purchased them. They came back to me in poor condition after lending them to a studio for a few years. I wanted them for my new studio so…
I had them ” Beebed”. For the challenge I recorded a tiny music box, ( worse than getting something out of a Glockenspiel recording ) and I was just blown away. Your work is the very definition of Upgrade.Thank you so much.”
Eric Barouti. Recording Engineer and Mic-aholic, France (Reslo Beebs)

“It’s fantastic! .it’s a lovely microphone… the rich bottom end really brings out the crooner in me! It really suits my voice….it’s a lovely open top end but no sibilance. I have tried it on my classical nylons string and it sounds so rich and warm. It is the sound I have been hearing in my head for years”
Paul Jones, Shrewsbury, UK (Upgraded Reslo RV)

“I’ve never heard such transient detail on any microphone. Totally blown away. I’ll definitely be getting some more”. (Oktava ML19). 
“It’s like it covers the spectrum exactly for the guitar. Very rich sounding, all the harmonics of the string are captured. Very good indeed. I think you must have something magical going on with your restoration.” (Reslo Beeb)
Tim Petherick – Nebula Libraries, UK

“Microphone arrived, in great shape, sounding amazing on my voice, for starters. Very happy camper I am indeed! “
Pieter Kloos, The Void Studio, Eindhoven, Netherlands (Oktava ML17)

“Just wanted to say how much I love the Beebs: the improvement over the stock Reslo is huge and they are now very much a highly useable pair of mics in my armoury! You’ve totally revolutionised them! Thanks for such an excellent service. I’m telling everyone I know about Xaudia!”
Neil Ridley, Cask Strength Creative, UK  (Reslo Beebs).

“Received and working perfectly. Thank you very much for fixing it. I will certainly be using you again when the time comes.” 
Xavier Winton, UK (Shure 545 repair).

“Yesterday the microphones arrived back home and this morning I’m having fun testing them. All I can say is that they are come to life again, awesome job! The Beyer is great and the Oktava… wow!
Thank you so much Stewart really really great job, congrats.”
Riccardo Pasini, Ravenna, Italy (Beyer M160 & Oktava ML19)

“They sound AMAZING! So much more level, less noise, and they seemed to have magically acquired some top end! All the way up to 10K. Mission accomplished and then some. They sound better than they ever have done.”
Alex Rizzo, Pedigree Cuts, UK (Reslo VRT & Beebs)

“This mic is perfect! Thank you so much. Sound is just so smooth and natural. And the low end and proximity is just right. Channeling some Bing Crosby, Elvis or russian male sounds works just perfect. When I heard the first notes that I sang through microphone I couldn’t believe my ears. Zero hype, pure velvet. I love this thing already.”
Mikko Hyyryläinen, Finland (Modified Film Industries M8)

“We had an extensive shoot out today with four ribbons. The RCA blew them all away (in my opinion). It’s signal to noise ratio was much better and it sounded beautifully warm and big.”
Hans Vermeersch, Belgium (RCA 77DX)

“Thank you for the repair old french ribbon microphone. Its sound is fantastic. I’ve used it with an artist of Blues (Azzedeen). You have done a great and excellent work.”
Philippe Labroue, Autre Radio Autre Culture, France (Antique broadcast ribbon)

“Wow! You’ve done a great job. I’m so happy with these microphones. I used the B&O on one of the guitars and it just sat straight into the mix and sounded great. Picked up all the detail of his picking and sounded nice and rounded on the full-on sections. The m160 is sounding great as well, had that on hats today and they just sounded really lush with just the right amount of top. Same with the Reslo RV, was using that on flute and whistle and again just sounded really natural.”
Andy Banfield, Superfly Studios, Notts, UK (Upgraded B&O BM6, Beyer M160, Reslo RV).

“I am very pleased we your work – the old Zephyr has more gain with the transformer and sounding great. The B&O is amazing it is just awesome, a different animal altogether …”
Luke R Davies, Wangaratta, Australia (Transformer box and modified B&O BM3)

“Fantastic! I’ve used them in a number of situations and they work. Every First session in was an acoustic folk duo, I used the B&O on one of the guitars and it just sat straight into the mix and sounded great. Picked up all the detail of his picking and sounded nice and rounded on the full on sections. Just the right amount of Highs for my taste as well, normally use a 414 for acoustic and cut some of the top end, but I’ve got a new favourite now.

Also used the b&o for the drums today and it sounded great in the room, I love using room mics on drums and had the beeb reslo’s as a spaced pair about 8 ft away (10ft apart). Seems to always do the trick in the live room and the b&o just in front of the kit at waist hight. Sounded fantastic lovely sustain to the cymbals and picked up the natural ambience of the room.time!”
George Reiff, Texas, USA (Reslo Beebs, B&O)

“I’m very happy. Tried it on voice, mandolin, and ac guitar, and sounded great on each, very usable, but with a colour different from my other mics. Thank you for your prompt and professional service.”
Glenn Tweedie, Australia (Beeb Reslo)

“Just beautiful! it really captured the sound very much as I was hearing it in the room.. I far preferred it on all the percussion, loved it on guitar. I’ll be using it with alarming regularity”
Jamie Smith, Scotland (Reslo Beeb)

“The mics had a much nicer and more present low end and a flatter upper midrange. Personally I loved the tone of the room sound.”
Jamie Neale, Real World Studios, UK (Modified Beyer M260)

“WHAT A BEAUTY !!! Incredible! And it sounds great indeed…. The Reslo RV softened the sound very easily, which was exactly what we needed. It has a very warm yet open sound. I think I will be using it quite often.”
Hans Jaspers, Vocal.Be, Belgium (Modified Reslo RV)

“I love it. It’s quite simply a different mic. Bottom end is focused but big and 3D on male vocals (actually I’m quite stunned at how good it sounds on vocals). Great on acoustic guitar.”
Jim McEwan, Glasgow, UK (T-bone RB500 upgrades)

“…thanks for doing such a great job on the cadenza mics – not only do they look the part, but more importantly, they sound amazing! Such a different vibe from a modern mic, but completely usable, and in some ways more flattering. I’ve tried them on vocals, and acoustic…Brilliant job!
Jasper Wilkinson, Music For Brands, UK (Cadenza ribbon microphones)

“The BM4 arrived safely and sounds fantastic. Splendid job! Sweet, warm and present, strong clear output thanks to your upgrades. The XLR conversion makes it so much easier to set up. Thank you!”
Damon Limeback, Artifact Audio, Canada (B&O BM4 upgrades)

“The PYE [microphone] is a GEM!!!! Matching light blue cable and all – the 50`s chrysler “vintage” crazy folks will worship it to death and back. I like the honky sound a lot :-)”
Frans Stummer, Burghausen (PYE microphone and Beyer M500)

“The RCA is warm and very vintage sounding. Nice fifties character and looks fantastic too! 🙂 The Beyers sound very good, stable and similar now. And the Beebs are simply gorgeous and sound fantastic! Incredible how „large” these little microphones sound.”
Hans Jaspers,, Belgium (RCA74B, Reslo Beebs & Beyer M500s)

“… it’s beautiful in all aspects!! I’m amazed by all of it. The sound is amazing as well. Sits nicely in mix. Thank you so much for working on this! It’s my new go to!”
Tyson Griffin, USA (Beeb Reslo)

“I just want to thank you! The mic sounds awesome! We want to record some e-guitars and I think the mic will be great!”
Franz Hauptvogel, Leipzig, Germany (Beyer M500 re-ribbon).

“The RCA sounds like if it is matched to the the other I have! I m very happy and can’t wait to try some bluemline with them. :-)”
Stephane Loup, Roystone Studios, Chamoson, Switzerland (RCA Varacoustic & Beyer)

“I received the RCA some time ago, used it for a session last week and I’m very happy with it. Thanks again for the good and fast work, I even noticed you added two small washers to make the grill a little neater! I appreciate such eye for detail… ;-)”
Bram Vanparys, The Bony King of Nowhere, Ghent, Belgium (RCA 77DX)

“Great job, I’m very chuffed, they certainly have never sounded as good as this.”
Owen Morgan, Norwich, UK (Cascade Fathead upgrades)

“[The] difference is AMAZING. The mic sounds awesome now. It’s about 10-12 db louder with much more treble and presence. Still it sounds smooth and wonderful rich, without losing the transients. This mic is killer for acoustic guitar, and also as a room mic.”
Dirk Hornemann, V76 studios, Germany (B&O BM5 stereo set with upgrade magnets & ribbons)

I used them as drum overheads going through RCA ba2c preamps maxed out.
Really cool sound. Refreshing & perfect for jazzy drum tunings. The toms sound so good.
Mike Burnham, London (Beyer M260 with Xaudia transformers)

“This little Reslo ribbon sounds fantastic on guitar!”
Scott Evans, Antisleep Studios, Oakland, California (Reslo PR)

“I have now had a chance to put the modified apex 205s thru their paces on horns, and I love them. so much more real, with less ‘ringing’. really nice and warm, but a small high shelf just brings out the air beautifully…. Great service too. You turned them round quicker than i expected.”
Gareth Bailey,, Bristol, UK (Modified Apex 205)

“Microphones arrived safe and well and sound great. The difference in low-end focus on the Nady is incredible – it might turn into my new favourite vocal mic.”
David Brewis, Field Music, UK (Nady & Shinybox upgrades)

“Just to say that i started the session today, and the RCA is beautiful on the lead vocalist. The shiny box ribbons are equally satisfying as overheads of the kit. Thank you for all your work.
Les Keye, Arad Studio, Dublin (RCA Varacoustic & Shinybox ribbons)

“We have received the 2 mics two weeks ago. We have used them in our play with an amplifier. it was perfect. The sound is beautiful, and they look perfect.”
Emmanuel, Dans La Cour Des Grands, France (Reslo RB & RV)

“I am very pleased with the mic, it is truly wonderful and always gives me a pleasing result no matter what the source is! I will definitely be dealing with you again in the future.”
Miles Jarrett, UK (Beeb Reslo)

“You have turned my historically interesting but underpowered microphone into a powerful, modern day, sonically superior “go to mic” that would otherwise have been consigned to the back of the mic locker.”
Les Huitson, UK (Beeb Reslo)

“I used the Reslo RV mic to record vocals. It has been a revelation! I have achieved the most natural sounding vocal I have ever recorded with ease – no need for de-essing or anything much really. …this RV is incredible. I think this is going to be a favourite in the studio.”
Mordecai Smyth, UK (Reslo RV)

“The mics arrived ok & they’re sounding fantastic. I’m looking forward to using them on everything. I’ll be sending you some more in the next few months.”
Ian Caple, UK (Reslo RB & B&O BM5)

I’m very, very pleased with the mics. Thanks very much.
Andy Wright, Hertfordshire UK, (Beeb Reslos)

“The mics have come! amazing sound! and have been modified perfectly!”
Abel Marshall, la Sombra del Atomo, Barcelona (Reslo ‘Beebs’)

“A big thank you for sorting the mic out! It sounds great – just finished some vocal recording and am very pleased with the overall warmth of sound.
Steve Johnson, UK, (Reslo RV)

“I just wanted to say what an absolute pleasure it has been dealing with you and I will most definitely be in touch again in the future.”
Lee Mouatt, UK (Cadenza and Lustraphone mics)

“Melodium sounding incredible, just used it on a vocal. Great job!!”
George Apsion, Kore Studios, UK (Melodium Radiodiffusion ribbon mic)

“I checked them yesterday, They’re brilliant :D. Be sure that if I find some other nice old ribbons I will send them direct to you 🙂 Thank you for all, it was a real pleasure, and i’m 100% satisfied!”
Piotr Semiras, Wroclaw, Poland (Reslo ‘beeb’ and Cadenza)

“Mic has arrived! And it sounds great! Thank you for everything!”
Piotr Zabrodzki, Poland (RCA Varacoustic)

“Mics are here, both work great. Thank you for the beautiful job you did.”
Christophe Adam, France (Beyer M260 x 2)

“The service i received from xaudia was 100% positive, communication was regular, great customer service and the results were fantastic. I will use them for all my microphones in the future.”
Chris Thompson, Bexhill Community Studio (B&O BM5 stereo set)

Picked up the BM6 yesterday and tried it today, sounds great! Many thanks for excellent service as always!!!
Fred Johansson, Exposure-the-musical (B&O BM6)

“Quick test on female vocalist and it was obvious how warm and rich the lows and mids are. Can’t wait to experiment further! Thanks so much for the elegant upgrade.”
Don Rooke, The Henrys, Canada (Beeb Reslo)

“The mic sounds great! So much so that I’d like to order another one….”
Neil Shervell, UK (T-bone RM700 transformer & ribbon upgrade).

“Just wanted to let you know we received the mic the other week. It looks and sounds great! Thanks so much!”
Jeff, Sound Extractor Studios, Edmonton, Canada (Beeb Reslo)

“They look amazing. I’m really impressed by the sound. Used them on both electric guitars and they make them sound SUPER natural with a nice vintage edge.”
Miko Deckert, Netherlands (Beeb Reslos)

“I have now tested the microphone and all I can say is that you have done a brilliant job! It sounds like a new microphone.”
Peter Wikner, Stagger Productions, Sweden (Beyer M260)

“I have just received the mic and it sounds fantastic ! I have made tests with vocal and acoustic guitar and it’s terrific! Thanks again for this beautiful work and good communication!”
David Moulié, Paris, France (Beeb Reslo)

“[I] just want to say thanks for a TOP JOB on the mics. They sound even better than before :-)”
Bart van Immerseel, Belgium (Sontronics Delta & Superlux R102 repairs)

“Really great work on the Reslo’s, they sound amazing. Thanks for the work and passion for those microphones. Recorded drums and acoustic guitar with it, they sound superb! The sound that I was looking for!”
Alessio Di Tura, Belgium (Reslo RB and RV microphones)

“They did exactly what I wanted them to do…softened out the cymbals and gave a very nicely balanced but weighty picture of the kit. Very pleased!”
Tony Fitzpatrick, County Kildare, Ireland (Beeb Reslos)

“I had a session with the re ribboned RCA 77dx and the EV mic I bought from you really happy with them ! I appreciate your help.”
Chris Cummings, Blackpool, UK (RCA77DX, Electrovoice V2)

“… have used it on a couple of jobs now, and am loving the way it captures my voice and percussive instruments! Also great on acoustic guitar. Really happy with it!”
James Shuar, UK & Australia. (Beeb Reslo)

“…got them back to the states, hooked them up and they sound incredible. Thanks so much. I’ll keep a regular look out on your site for any future ribbon mics I need.”
JJ Grey, Jacksonville, FL, USA (Beeb Reslos & Beyer M260)

“The Cadenza sounded great on drums, really brought out a nice low end thump wirth the kick but the snare still sounded nice and crisp. Plus the figure 8 pattern killed a bit of volume on the hats which balances things nicely!”
Lee Ackerley, UK (Cadenza re-ribbon and transformer upgrade)

“I tried out one of the Reslos in a couple of rehearsals for vocals and it sounds great – much more open with nice highs and well rounded bass.”
Martin McMillan, France (Reslo RB microphones)

“Just to let you know I’ve received the Reslo Microphone. I did a quick check: excellent! I will certainly recommend your company to others. (In fact, I did so already)”
Willem Molenaar, Netherlands (‘Beeb’ Reslo)

“Have received the Reslo PR in excellent condition and sounding fabulous thanks very much”
Mark Harwood, Springvale Studios, UK (Reslo PR microphone)

“I just spent the weekend recording lots of drums with the [Beeb] mics. They are absolutely fantastic”
James Yates,, UK (‘Beeb’ Reslos)

“I get this good feeling by just holding the mic in my hands 🙂 I love your sense of detail in every aspect, the brass, the way you done the power supply and the pattern switching, the case with your label. It is all beautiful. My first impressions are great detail, natural, clear and up front.”
Jørn Christensen, Rodeløkka studio, Olso, Norway (Custom tube microphone)

“I was very impressed with the results. Classy and smooth, not too dark, nicely detailed on vocals and acoustic guitar, especially when mic’ed from a distance of a few feet.”
Peet Didderiens, Netherlands (‘Beeb’ Reslo)

“Thank you again for doing such a fantastic job of my Reslos. They sound awsome!, been recording drums all this week with great results. I can’t believe how fat they sound.”
Andrew Banfield, Superfly Studios. UK, (‘Beeb’ Reslo)

“I have been trying the mic today and it sounds fantastic. We have had it above the drums and recording acoustic guitar and it sounds so warm and fabulous on everything I try it on. Thanks again for a quick and magical service.”
Warren Basset, UK (‘Beeb’ Reslos)

“The mic sounds great!!”
Steve Wold, UK, (RCA 74b)

“… ran the Reslos up on the balanced inputs on my Sony TC880-2 last night, absolutely amazing, had to wind the gain back -15db, no hum, no noise, you certainly have done an excellent job and on sine wave test at 3kHz, they match to within 1.5db on my systems. The bass response is amazing.”
Andy Hearn, UK (‘Beeb’ Reslos)

“Those Reslo mics do have very nice highs and everything, the Royers did sound very very dull compared. I actually expected some cool lo-fi mics but those are missing nothing. Really happy.”
Matthias Hahn, Germany (‘Beeb’ Reslos)

“I am so chuffed with the reslo you sent me, loving using it to record pedal steel guitar tracks. It’s awesome!”
Ben Wiltshire, UK (Reslo RV)

“Have tested and its BRILLIANT, tested it along side my RCA 77DX and Beyer 260M and it stands its ground. Great job.”
Fernando Raposo, UK (Golden Age R1, repair and upgrade)

“Hi Stewart, just got the mics back this morning and the RCA sounds amazing! I remember now why I got it! Really brilliant work thank you. Just tried it on my 60s Gibson acoustic through a Telefunken v76. Brilliant.”
Adrian Utley, Portishead, UK (RCA 77DX)

“Enormous and pretty detailed sound in Blumlein mode – thanks for your excellent work.”
John Gooding, York, UK (T-bone RM100 transformer upgrade and reribbon)

“Have given it a quick check over, and it seems to work really well, you’ve done an excellent job. I had tried it out a few weeks ago [before repair], and it seemed very dull and weak. Now there seems to be a much better ‘top end’ on it than before and a higher output level.”
Campbell Hughes, UK (Cadenza ribbon mic)

“The mic sounds great! Good work and thanks. There’s nothing better than a happy customer.”
Ross Orton, UK (RCA BK5)

“Thanks for all your work! The GEC is unbelievably smooth-sounding. You put it on headphones and it’s almost as though there’s no mic there.”
Sam Inglis, UK (GEC ribbon microphone)

“Wow Stewart! They are great!!! THANKS! I test them this morning, wow… I’m really surprised. The RCA is super, and the B&O is really nice!”
Jules Fransen, Netherlands (RCA 74b & B&O BM6)

“Thanks for all!. The reslo is wonderful.” ….. “Perfect!!! thanks for all!”
Andrea Scardovi, Italy (Reslo RB & RCA 74b)

“I had a chance to give it a try at the weekend micing up our fiddle player for a rehearsal recording. It did a wonderful job, and surprised me at how smooth it sounded. Thank you very much indeed for repairing and renovating the mic, and doing it so thoroughly and quickly.”
Steve Coates, UK (Beyer M260)

“Great job on the mics, they all sound really good and the matching transformer is a big plus.”
Nick Graham, UK, (Beyer M260 & Cadenza mics)

“First of all we’d like to thank you for the impressive packaging and also for your help and great job. I have to say that the RB500 are really incredible compared to what I remembered. We put them up along with our Coles [4038s] and they held up beautifully. Again, very pleased with them. The Beyers are also very good, more balanced and very open sounding.”
Ronnie, DIESEL 24062, Italy (T-bone RB500 & Beyer M500 repair & upgrade).

”The Varacoustic arrived and I’ve tested it a bit. It sounds really great, I’m impressed. It’s very nice in front of an amp, but it is also quite sensitive and has a relatively good top end, which is great as it opens lots of possibilities. This is now clearly my best ribbon.”
Santiago Calvo Ramos, Otherdays music (RCA Varacoustic)

“Thanks so much for fixing my mic. Absolutely excellent job. Sounds great. Much better. Thanks also for the new cable and plug. Really appreciated. As was the superb packing.”
Matthew Moore, (T-bone RB500 upgrade)

“Thanks for the good work! Did a test with acoustic guitar this morning, even better than I had hoped for. Now the Reslos will be an asset in my mic locker instead of some more junk just lying around.”
Göran Petersson, Sweden (Reslo ribbon mics)

“I finally gave the mic a proper spin today. I’m very pleased with it! sounds exactly as I thought it would, Your boosters are quite uncoloured too, thank you! I’m keeping them along with a good opinion on your ribbons”
Michele Pellino, UK (B&O BM5 stereo set, re-ribboned)

“I’m very happy with it, I’m using it with great results on acoustic guitar.”
Anders Grop, Germany (Beyer M260).

“The BM3 is seeing a lot of use in my studio. I’ve been using it as a mono drum overhead, as a room mic on guitar amps and it was perfect on kalimba and vibraphone. When I needed to record a group of backing singers and had only one track available I positioned them around the BM3 and it worked like a charm. Great sounding mic!”
Peet Didderiens, Netherlands (B&O BM3, re-ribboned and upgraded transformer)

“The tone was much superior than it had been. It’s now very useable. The high-mids do not have that pinched, phase shift sound anymore & the highs have much more extension & detail.”
Matt Howe, UK (RCA 77DX)

“I am so thrilled with my Melodium, great job. I think it is the start of a love affair.”
George Apsion, Kore Studios, UK (Melodium 42b)

“Hi! I’ve received the microphone and it’s working great! Thank you so much!”
Matt Ball, Inspire Music, UK (SE Gemini)

“Got to do some proper recording with the mic today and it sounded great. Thanks again.”
Cameron Craig,, (B&O stereo microphone)

“Received the Mic today, it sounds fantastic!! Better than my other one and louder! Thank you very much for an excellent job!”
Fred Johanson, UK (RCA 74b)

“Sounds fab so thank you VERY much for your quick and quality service! Low end sounded great… that’s the main thing I noticed soon as I pushed the fader up!”
Duncan Bouchot-Humbert, Face Studios, UK (RCA 77DX)

“I am really happy with your work on the GEC ribbon. It sounds great on a guitar amp, a bit like the Varacoustic did, but is more sensitive, so I can use it on quieter sources too. I’ve had a lot of fun AB-ing it with my other microphones and I think it will be really useful.”
Santiago Calvo Ramos, Otherdays music (GEC BCS 2370 ribbon mic)

“I just wanted to say the mics sound really good! Especially the Philco.”
Nick Andersson, Stockholm, Sweden. (Philco badged Electrovoice V1, RCA 74b and Reslo RBL)

“Friday I received the D12 and 42B modded, thank you very much for your work and safe parcel. The 42B modded sound very good. I compared with a not modified original, both remain interesting but the modified has definitively a bandwidth more vast.”
Matteo Mannoni, Infernale Machine Studios, France (Melodium 42B)

“The RCA was a lot brighter than I expected, but a really nice sound without very much noise at all. The Reslo was also very low noise with much more bottom and lower mids making it a lot warmer. More than pleased with both of them!”
Paul Adams, Fellside Recording, UK (RCA 74b & Reslo microphones)

“What a massive improvement! Tried it on my Marshall 1979 valve amp and got a really warm recording and its also excellent on my voice.”
Denny Tuckerman, (Reslo RBL microphone)

“I made a quick test with the RCA plugged in the Studer console and his first impression is rather very good! The mic sounds well balanced with no noise. Many thanks for your nice work!”
Matteo Mannoni, Infernale Machine Studios, France (RCA 74b)

“Just to let you know that my varacoustic is sounding fantastic on vocals, acoustic guitar and violin.”
Mark Stevens, UK (RCA Varacoustic)

“The RCA has a lot of mids, so we tried it on the double bass as I originally intended and it was fantastic. We had the U47 out just in case but I didn’t even plug it in. Now I have to try it on everything else I have on hand, that mid thing should be useful on horns as well. If I stumble upon some busted ribbons you’ll be hearing from me!”
Jules Fradet, DADA studios, Belgium (RCA Junior MI-4010-A)

“I’m very pleased with the microphone. It has a stronger output and the special character of this mic is still there. And it looks great! Nice work. I will recommend your service to everyone I know.”
Jørn Christensen, Rodeløkka studio, Norway (RCA 74b)

“I tried it on several sources, and it really shines on guitar amp, very impressive. Also good for tuned percussion, which is one of my favourite uses for ribbons. I think your re-ribboning has worked great and the new transformer is instrumental in making the mic usable, so many thanks.”
Santiago Calvo, UK (RCA Varacoustic)

“I have tried the mic on a session at the weekend and it works great!. Many thanks for the great service!”
Darren Feris, Higher Rhythm, UK (RB500 microphone repair)