Frequently asked….

I have a broken ribbon microphone. Can you help?

Yes. That’s what we are here for. Ribbon microphones can almost always be brought back to life. We can replace ribbons, repair or replace transformers, and in many cases have options for magnet problems.

Do you repair dynamic or condenser microphones.

We specialise in ribbon microphones. However, we now offer the following additional services:

Phantom power mods for Calrec 6-series mics,Syncron-Fairchild mics and STC 4136.

Do you have any Reslo Beebs.

Microphones ‘for sale’ can be found in our shop pages. Or we can upgrade one for you if you find your own donor microphone.

How do I send my microphone for service?

Please use the contact form and include your address and phone number. We will then send a repair number and destination for the microphone.

I am in the EU. What do I need to get for sending a repair after Brexit

We are now using the Inward Processing Relief system for international repairs. Please contact me and I will help with the customs forms. It is a lot easier if you have a valid VAT number. You will be charged tax on your repair costs by your own government.

How long will it take?

We are extremely busy with repairs and have a stupidly long queue. I cannot give accurate repair time estimates at the moment. Sorry!

However, at busy times it can take a bit longer, and if the mic needs parts that are hard to obtain, it can take even longer. Sometimes one part can hold up the whole job. Paint jobs and re-finishing are outsourced so can be slow. We will of course advise you at the beginning, and keep you informed about progress along the way.

How much will return postage cost?

Within the UK, we use Special Delivery or UPS, which is £9 below 1Kg, and £11 between 1Kg and 2Kg. For heavier packages we may use a courier. International post will vary depending on destination and weight, but a typical cost is £20-£25 by UPS courier within Northern Europe. Scandinavia and Southern Europe are typically a little more. Australia, USA etc. are even more.

How can I pay? 

We will invoice you when the work is complete and ready to send. We can accept payment by IBAN bank transfer or credit / debit card in GBP. We do NOT currently accept Paypal.

What is the best way to post a microphone?

The most important thing is to make sure that the microphone cannot move at all inside the packaging. Wrap it tightly in bubble wrap, and then jam in more packing to completely immobilise it. Then tape up the box with lots of parcel tape.

For heavier or valuable microphones, we also recommend either using a double walled box, or else placing one box inside another. Again, make sure the inner box is immobilised.

We strongly recommend using a tracked delivery service. International customers MUST use a tracked courier.

I’ve bought a mic on ebay. Can I get the seller to send it straight to you for service?

Please contact us first to discuss your needs. Due to customs charges etc., we cannot accept third party deliveries from outside the UK without prior agreement and payment.

I have some vintage microphones for sale. Will you buy them?

Very possibly! Do send us some nice photos showing condition etc. Be aware that we will need to budget for any repairs, and also turn a small profit on them, so we may not be able to offer as much as you might get on Ebay, although you won’t have to pay their charges.

We are always on the lookout for Reslo microphones.

Will you declare a false value to customs?

No. We don’t tell lies and you shouldn’t either. All customs forms will be filled out according to regulations. You are responsible for any & all import duties, so please budget according accordingly.  Repairs are temporary imports and should not incur import duty but please contact us first!

I have just received my microphone and it still doesn’t sound right.

Very occasionally, and despite our best efforts to pack well, the delivery service will give the parcel a knock and stretch the ribbon. In these circumstances we will of course repair the ribbon again. In fact if you are not happy for any reason, just send the mic back and we will make good.