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Ribbon Microphone Repairs

Xaudia* specialise in ribbon microphone repair, service and accessories. We repair all types of ribbon microphones, vintage and modern.

If you have an old RCA, Reslo, Grampian, BBC-Marconi, Tannoy, Octava, Melodium or any other ribbon microphone that needs some TLC, then we can help. Please use the contact form to get in touch.

Transformers & accessories

Extinct Audio mic matching transformer boxes are very useful if you have older 30 or 50 ohm microphones. We designed these.

We can repair most ribbon microphone transformers if they are faulty, and can also re-wind them to a different impedance if required. We also manufacture and fit transformer upgrades for your ribbon microphones. Read more about transformer upgrades…

And we stock many spare parts and accessories for ribbon mics, so please ask if you can’t find what you need.
*pronounced ‘ex-or-dee-a’