The Beeb: Upgraded Reslo Ribbon Microphones

Beeb Reslos


These are fully refurbished Reslo RB mics that have been converted to BBC specs.

In the BBC’s R&D report of 1961, several modifications were recommended for these microphones, including…

  1. Swapping the transformer to one with higher primary inductance,

  2. Conversion from 50 ohm to 300 ohm output,

  3. Reversing the motor assembly so that the ribbon element is at the front

Read more on the Xaudia blog.

NewBeebs_2 BeebsFourColours - 1 BeebsTwoColours - 1

50 years on, we have recreated those modifications. ‘The Beeb’ microphones come with new ribbons, new Xaudia 300 ohm transformer  and reversed motor, along with a modern XLR and improved grounding to reduce hum.

All are in excellent cosmetic condition and sound great. These are as good as Reslos can be!

There are some sound clips of the Beebs in action at these locations…


We also have several other Reslo mics in different bodies that have had the same ‘beeb’ upgrades. Please see the current ‘for sale’ list.

We can perform these modifications on your own Reslo microphones. Please get in touch for details.

Some customer feedback on The Beeb upgraded microphones from Xaudia

“Just have to say what a great job. so pleased with the result fantastic work”

Steve O’Connor, UK

“We were both blown away by the sound. Amazing, and such incredible value for money!!
The vibe on his piano was just perfect, and a great alternative to the vast number of clean sounding condensers mics we have… This just oozes vintage class. Perfect!”

Jonathan Atkinson, Shepperton, UK

“It sounds amazing and I’ve already used it lots on overdubs on the Voice. Ac Gtr, drums, perc etc works really well.”

Mads Hauge, The Voice, UK.

“I just want to thank you for these absolutely glorious mics, their flawless packing and on-time-delivery. Lord knows these will be the last mics I’d ever sell…. they sound fantastic on everything that I have been lucky to try them on so far. Hand perc of various sorts, acoustic guitar, electric guitar… I usually hate to record electric guitar, because it never sounds as it does in the room. It still doesn’t sound like it does in the room… instead, what I get seems like nothing short of a miracle. All amps perform much, much better. Like a semigod of their being. The annoying resonances have dissapeared and they are draped in a super hero custume… I now happen to love recording electric guitar.. It’s suddenly easy and fun. Now I just need to save up for some more Beebs (which really isn’t that much of a quest considering how cheap they are, their price to performance ratio is unbeatable!)”

“Mattias Malm, Umeå, Sweden”

“Myself and the (female) singer were in the control room and I tried the beeb.
Immediately both of us agreed that it sounds wonderful and were seriously surprised by how good it sounds.  Since I also have the Oktava ribbon, we compared with it and the beeb sounded much better. Then, I took out what is my “default” mic – U87, and… once again – it sounded poor in comparison to the beeb! I have never been so pleased with a microphone purchase. This is way better than anything I expected”

Shay Leon, Co. Antrim, NI.

“I’m very happy. Warmer than the Royer and handles the transients very well. Tried it on voice, mandolin, and ac guitar, and sounded great on each, very usable, but with a colour different from my other mics. Thank you for your very prompt and professional service, and for adding a little bit of your genius to an old junk box find. Brilliant!”

Glenn Tweedie, Australia (Beeb Reslo)

“Fantastic! I’ve used them in a number of situations and they work. Everytime!”
George Reiff, Texas, USA (Reslo Beebs)

“Just beautiful! I have a large room with very high ceiling and it really captured the sound very much as I was hearing it in the room. I far preferred it on all the percussion, loved it on guitar, either on it’s own or mixed with the 4050 and same on the voice. I’ll be using it with alarming regularity from now on and feel compelled to investigate more ribbons asap.”
Jamie Smith, Owlhouse, Scotland (Beeb Reslo)

“the Beebs are simply gorgeous and sound fantastic! Incredible how large these little mics sound.”
Hans Jaspers, VOCAL.be, Belgium (Reslo Beebs)

“… it’s beautiful in all aspects!! I’m amazed by all of it. The sound is amazing as well. I’ve paired it with a variable impedance box and it works wonders. I have a few ribbon mics and by far this is the most versatile. The variable box makes it go from thick to thin but retains a nice boost in the vocal frequencies. Sits nicely in mix. Thank you so much for working on this! It’s my new go to!”
Tyson Griffin, USA (Beeb Reslo)

“I’m writing to tell you that the “Beeb” sounds absolutely fantastic! I’m very impressed of it’s versatility.”
Olle Stenback, Sweden, (Beeb Reslo)

“I am very pleased with the mic, it is truly wonderful and always gives me a pleasing result no matter what the source is! Thank you very much for your services and help, will definitely be dealing with you again sometime in the future.”
Miles Jarrett, UK (Beeb Reslo)

Wow! Many thanks for your work on the Reslo” BEEB” I have just started to put it through it’s paces. male vocals sit beautifully in a very big sounding mix. Violin – lovely balanced silky reproduction. Acoustic guitar – great response ,excellent! You have turned my historically interesting but underpowered microphone that had a large amount of self noise into a powerful, modern day, sonically superior “go to mic” that would otherwise have been consigned to the back of the mic locker .
Les Huitson, UK (Beeb Reslos)

I’m very, very pleased with the mics. Thanks very much.
Andy Wright, Hertfordshire UK, (Beeb Reslos)

“Quick test on female vocalist (probably not the mic’s primary candidate) and it was obvious how warm and rich the lows and mids are. Can’t wait to experiment further! Thanks so much for the elegant upgrade.”
Don Rooke, The Henrys, Canada (Beeb Reslo)

“Just wanted to let you know we received the mic the other week. It looks and sounds great!
Jeff, Sound Extractor Studios, Edmonton, Canada (Beeb Reslo)

“I’ve got my Beeb pair and tested them during a live recording. First of all, they look amazing.
I really expected them to be a little lo fi, but… i must say, I’m really impressed by the sound.
used them on both electric guitars and they make them sound SUPER natural with a nice vintage edge.
I used to combine a sm57 with a md421 or with another sm57 to get a nice fat sound, but that is history 🙂 only need one BEEB now.”
Miko Deckert, Netherlands (Beeb Reslos)

“I have just received the mic and it sounds fantastic ! I have made tests with vocal and acoustic guitar and it’s terrific! Thanks again for this beautiful work and good communication!”
David Moulié, Paris, France

“They did exactly what I wanted them to do…softened out the cymbals and gave a very nicely balanced but weighty picture of the kit. Very pleased!”
Tony Fitzpatrick, County Kildare, Ireland

“Just wanted to send a quick email in praise of the microphone I bought from you! Have used it on a couple of jobs now, and am loving the way it captures my voice and percussive instruments! Also great on acoustic guitar. Really happy with it!”
James Shuar, UK & Australia

“…got them back to the states, hooked them up and they sound incredible. Thanks so much.”
JJ Grey, Jacksonville, FL, USA

“Just to let you know I’ve received the Reslo Microphone. I did a quick check: excellent!
I will certainly recommend your company to others. (In fact, I did so already)”
Willem Molenaar, Netherlands

“I spent some time with the “Beeb” Reslo and I’m happy to report I like it very much! Of all my “vintage” ribbon mics this Reslo, and the B&O your worked on, are the best sounding of the bunch. I hooked it up to the X-Geloso tube preamp and a SD302 preamp and was very impressed with the results. Classy and smooth, not too dark, nicely detailed on vocals and acoustic guitar, especially when mic’ed from a distance of a few feet.
Peet Didderiens, Netherlands

“I just spent the weekend recording lots of drums with the [Beeb] mics. They are absolutely fantastic”
James Yates, Jamesdrums.com, UK

“Thank you again for doing such a fantastic job of my Reslos. They sound awesome!!, been recording drums all this week with great results i can’t believe how fat they sound.
Andrew Banfield, Superfly Studios. UK

“I have been in trying the mic today and it sounds fantastic. We have had it above the drums and recording acoustic guitar and it sounds so warm and fabulous on everything I try it on. It is making me think I should get another one for stereo recording. Thanks again for a quick and magical service.”
Warren Basset, UK

“… ran the Reslos up on the balanced inputs on my Sony TC880-2 last night, absolutely amazing, had to wind the gain back -15db, no hum, no noise, you certainly have done an excellent job and on sine wave test at 3kHz, they match to within 1.5db on my systems. The bass response is amazing.”
Andy Hearn, UK

“Those Reslo mics do have very nice highs and everything, the Royers did sound very very dull compared. I actually expected some cool lo-fi mics but those are missing nothing. Really happy.”
Matthias Hahn, Germany

Last modified on 10th July 2022.