Manuals and documents for microphones and other vintage gear

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AKG D99c Harry manual (German)

B&O BM3 data sheet
B&O BM4 data sheet
B&O BM5 manual
B&O BM6 data sheet
B&O BM7 data sheet

BBC R&D reports on ribbon mics
Beyerdynamic transformer datasheet

Cadenza microphone manual

EMI / HMV 2350 ribbon mic documents

Film Industries M8 review

Gardners transformer data sheet
Grampian mic documents
Gretsch Atkins Super Axe circuit

Lomo 19a9 manual and schematic

National VM1 manual and response (Japanese)
National WM706 manual (Japanese)

Melodium 93C measurement mic data sheet
Melodium product catalogue
Melodium C163T data sheet

Oktava ML16 manual in Russian

RCA 77DX user manual

Reslosound RB manual
Reslo RB review by Fred Judd
Reslo RB data sheet
Reslo 30/50 and High transformer wiring
Reslo wiring advice
Reslo LTU1 manual
Reslo LMT manual
Reslo RV document
Reslo CD information sheet
Reslo VMC information sheet
Reslo CR information sheet
Reslo PR information sheet
Reslo MR1 manual
Reslo SR studio ribbon manual
Reslo Microphone Stand Leaflet

Sony C48 manual 1980 (English)
Sony C450 manual 1983 (Japanese)

Thiele M4 & M5 tube mic leaflet
Thiele manuals and sales brochures