Syncron AU-7a aka Fairchild F22 Cardioid condenser microphone

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Proper photos to follow.  This listing is for the middle of the three microphones shown.

The Syncron AU7a was one of the earliest transistorised condenser microphones, and was also sold as the Fairchild F-22. These originally ran on four obsolete mercury batteries, but this one has been converted to run on standard phantom power. The output is via a standard 3 pin DIN plug.

The original capsule and transformer are present and in good working order. The capsule is much like a single sided, edge terminated CK12 type, but perhaps warmer than that description suggests. These mics have a very simple one transistor circuit, and although the output is not as loud as many modern mics, it has nice rich musical tone and low noise floor.

You can read more about the phantom power conversion at the Xaudia blog.

Supplied with thread adapter and DIN to XLR cable.

Condition: Used
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