Meazzi and Framez ribbon mics revisited

April’s MOTM was a nice old Framez ribbon mic, and its chunky Meazzi sister also made an appearance. Here’s the article… and here are the microphones:

I’ve had the opportunity to compare these in the anechoic box – here’s how they look (click to enlarge).

Frequency plots for Meazzi and Framez mics

The Meazzi has an overall flatter frequency response, but in both cases there is a significant peak around 4KHz, which should add attack to recorded percussion and clarity & presence to vocals. The Framez is slightly more sensitive in the mid range, but falls away somewhat below 150 Hz.

Whilst revisiting these mics, it is worth looking at the Meazzi’s perforated backplate resonator, which contributes to the pickup pattern and frequency response.

(Nb. Both microphones were fitted with 1.8 micrometer ribbons and wired for low impedance.)