Xaudia XM10 ribbon microphone (discontinued)

I occasionally get asked about the discontinued XM10 model, usually when one comes up on the second hand market,  and so here is a little bit about them. I don’t have any sound clips of the XM10 and it was never sent out for review.

The XM10 was intended to be our budget offering, with the ribbons and transformers made and fitted here at Xaudia, and the bodies made overseas. The transformer is the same as in the BM9, and the ribbon is a little narrower. It has a big bottom end with a large proximity effect,

In the end we only produced a small run of perhaps 20 of the XM10 in 2017 to 2018.

They were excellent at the price point, but in a way not very different from, say, a fully upgraded SE ribbon or something of that class, We won’t do another run as all of our resources were funnelled into starting Extinct Audio as a new business and producing the BM9 family of microphones.