Mount-a-Mic assembly instructions

Here is a step-by-step guide to assemble an Xaudia Mount-a-Mic cable:
1. Make sure you have all the parts.

2. Strip and prepare the cable ends ready for soldering. Push through the Mount-a-Mic adapter

3. Solder the female XLR connector. We recommend connecting the barrel lug to pin 1.

4. Fit the plastic strain-relief

5. Slide the metal barrel over the plastic parts

6. Slowly screw the barrel into the adapter, allowing the cable to rotate freely as you go. 

7. Fit your choice of connector to the other end, and enjoy!

Mount-A-Mic adapters from Xaudia

Have you ever struggled to find the right clip or mount to put a microphone on a stand? Here is a solution: the Mount-a-Mic adapter from Xaudia.
Xaudia – Mount-a-Mic assembled cable

This simple yet cunning gizmo is designed to convert XLR plugs so that they can be screwed onto a 5/8” mic stand.

Mount-a-Mic adapter from Xaudia

The Mount-A-Mic adapter simply replaces the cable gland on Neutrik XLR plugs. The cable now exits through the side, and the assembly can be attached to the mic stand.

Then just plug the mic in, and go! You can now put almost any microphone on your stand, so long as it has an XLR plug.  Great for Geffell….

And a Neumann is no problem!

Here are some assembly instructions for those who wish to make their own cables.

New RCA thread adapters

We have some shiny new thread adapters for RCA microphones.  These thread adapters fit most of the ‘big’ vintage RCA microphones, including the 44, 74b, and 77 ranges, and also are perfect for Sony professional mics, including the C38b and C48 microphones.

We have been selling thread adapters for a while but the latest batch are a step up in quality. They are machined from solid brass and have a standard 3/8″ female thread that will fit most modern mic stands. They can also be supplied with 5/8″ on request.

It fits this RCA77B perfectly.

These fit the following microphones….
Most RCA 44, PB140, PB144, 74b, 77B, 77DX, MI-4010-A, BK-11.
Some (but not all) models of the RCA Varacoustic.
Sony C38, C48, FV300, Some C37s.
Many Aiwa, Toshiba and Matsushita ribbon mics
Syncron / Fairchild AU7a
Some older Amperite mics

Please ask about your microphone.

Transformer boxes

Here are our updated transformer boxes, looking smart with a new metal badge and hammertone paint. They come in a rugged metal box with Neutik XLR connectors at each end for easy use.
These little gadgets are perfect for interfacing old 30 and 50 ohm microphones to modern equipment that expects to see 200 to 600 ohm microphones, and can give an increased output of up to around 12 dB, which is welcome for older ribbon mics.

They are available in a range of ratios, and our most popular model is the 50 Ω to 600 Ω box, which is ideal for Melodium 42B, STC 4033, and Western Electric /  Altec 639 ‘birdcage’ microphones.

These can be supplied to order in almost any required ratio to match your microphone. 

Melodium 42B Stand Adapters

Xaudia is pleased to announce this little gadget

Melodium 42B stand adapter

Anyone who has ever tried to put a Melodium 42B on a mic stand knows that it is challenge, if the original adapter is missing – which it often is.

So we have made some replacement adapters. These are machined from 1 inch (25 mm) solid brass bar, and fit snugly inside the yoke. There is a shoulder to support the weight of the heavy microphone, and a recessed band to accept the thumbscrew. The base is tapped to accept a standard 3/8″ mic stand thread.
Melodium 42B with Xaudia stand adapter

The Melodium 42B can now be securely mounted on a stand. Problem solved!

Transformer assembly line!

This week we have been building lots of little transformer moxes to match vintage 30 ohm ribbon mics to modern mic preamps. Correct impedance matching can deliver a +12 dB increase in level without noise penalty or loss of frequency response, which is welcome for many older microphones. Here is how a Reslo RV microphone behaves with and without the transformer:

Frequency response plots for Reslo mic with and without an impedance matching transformer

They are suitable for many old microphones including the following:

  • Reslo RBL and RB 30 ohm models
  • Melodium 42b
  • Grampian ribbon mics (including GR1/L and GR2/L)
  • Cadenza ribbon microphones (wired for low-Z use)
  • RSA & Selmer ribbon mics
  • STC 4033
  • Altec and Western Electric ribbon microphones

More information.