Coil winding part 2

The new ME307 coil winder is up and running, and we’re jumping straight in to winding some guitar pickups. The idea was that this should be an easy place to start as they can be made with a single winding, and bobbins, wire etc. are all readily available. There is a big pickup winding community in interweb-land, so help and advice should be available.

The winder in action, with the pickup mounted on a metal plate that we made for the job…

Pickups typically use circa 42 AWG wire (0.0633 mm), which is a very fine gauge and requires care whilst winding and soldering to avoid breakages.

The wire tensioners that came with the winder were a little out of calibration, but with a little practice at setting the correct tension and winding speed, we could easily get 7000 turns onto a P90 bobbin with room to spare. It’s probably possible to get 8000 or 9000 turns with practice, to wind a really hot pickup. Here’s the first winding from the Meteor….

Looks nice! The next step will be to rewind some of the broken microphone transformers that we have accumulated over the past few years. But before that we need to mend the clutch plate, which is slipping.