Microphone of the month – Index of posts

Here is a list of all the Microphone of the Month articles up to the end of 2011.

Sep: Old Czech tube mic
Nov: RCA 77b
Dec: Philips ribbon mic

Jan: Sony FV300 dynamic
Feb: Zephyr 30RA
Mar: Shaftesbury Velodyne
Apr: Framez ribbon mic
May: Melodium 42b
Jul & Aug: GEC BCS 2370 & 2373
Sep: Cadenza ‘rocket’ mic
Nov: Lustraphone ribbon mic
Dec: LEM 305 and 306

Looking back, there are a couple of gaps. October was swallowed up by installation work at York Maze, and June saw the arrival and installation of our coil winding facility, so I found little time for blogging.

I hope to be a little more efficient in 2012!