Short, stubby and dynamic – The Reslo PGD

Reslos are best known for their ribbon mics, but they made some dynamics too. 

Short, stubby and dynamic – The Reslo PGD
This early model is labeled ‘Dynamic – PGD’, which one assumes stands for Pressure Gradient Dynamic. It proudly says ‘Reslo’, on the badge –  the later RB mics were mostly labeled ‘Reslosound Ltd’.

The PGD appears to be made of leftover parts from the RV ribbon mics. The base of the mic is the same, complete with swivel mechanism, and the grill looks like a cut down version of the RB too. As usual it uses the annoying Reslo plug.

The head on the RGB could be tilted for best pickup of sound.
There is space in the base of the mic for an output transformer, although this 30 ohm example doesn’t need one. I don’t yet know if they were produced with other output impedances, but it would not be surprising, as later models like this pencil mic came with switchable outputs.
Reslo PGD – aluminium diaphragm

Like many early dynamics, it has a pressed aluminium diaphragm, which is heavy and stiff compared to later polymer film designs. Consequently has a quite lumpy response. Here is a frequency plot for one mic – other examples may differ!

Frequency sweep for Reslo PGD mic.
Thanks to Sean Davenport.