MOTM: Reslo NC-RB Lip microphone

Our Microphone of the Month for April is this rare oddball from Reslosound: the NC-RB.

This was Reslo’s attempt at a commentator’s lip microphone, and appears to be cobbled together from spare RB parts. The upper body and head are from an RB, but the head is rotated through 90 degrees and screwed to another chopped-down head.  The lower body-stroke-handle is a straight aluminium tube with a switch which terminates in a normal Reslo output socket.

Inside the head is a rotated  RB-style motor.  The magnets face the speaker, to provide some pop protection for the ribbon at the rear.

Behind the ribbon I found this metal baffle, which should control the pickup pattern and tweak the frequency response. There is also fibre glass and felt wadding for more protection.

Overall it is a strange little mic. The ribbon runs horizontally, which is generally considered a bad plan as, if it sags, it will droop into the metal pole pieces. They must have been a way of producing a lip mic without the expense of re-tooling for a completely new design. I have only ever seen this one, although I know of a customer who owns another.

What does NC stand for? “Not a Coles”, perhaps?