We have a Reverb store!

We have opened a store on Reverb.com for Extinct Audio parts and accessories.

The motivation behind this is the recent changes to import laws from the UK into Europe.

For orders of new goods under €150, we can ship direct without any additional taxes to be paid on import to the EU. The customer still pays the tax but it is collected by Reverb at the point of sale. This means that there are no unexpected bills to pay when you receive the order.  Consequently we would encourage our friends in the EU to buy accessories though our Reverb store.

The store sells our thread adapters, transform boxes and splitters.

This only works for lower value orders and so the shop will just be for parts and accessories. If you wish to order Extinct Audio microphones then you will still need to either buy direct from the Extinct Audio web shop, or from one of our international dealers.