Lustraphone Badges in stock!

I see a lot of Lustraphone VR53 mics around that have lost their original badges – like the ones on the left and right. The glue that was used wasn’t great, and they look rather sad without their original nameplate.

Replacement Lustraphone badge

I am delighted to say that we have just taken delivery of some replacement badges for these that look absolutely fabulous. They have a silver logo on a vintage cream background, just like the originals.

Lustraphone VR53 with new badge!

They of course also fit the Grundig, Pamphonic and Mimco badged versions of the VR53, and also some of the small Lustraphone dynamics too.

Lustraphone dynamic with new badge!

The badges are £5 each plus post from the Xaudia website.

(Thanks to Best Badges for their excellent service!)