Stereo guitar switching box

Carrying on from my previous post….

Matt from Bobby and Jemima, had one of our stereo pickups fitted to his guitar. For stage use, we made him one of these….
3 channel guitar switch box

 It’s a very simple custom 3 channel foot-switch box, which lets him control each of the bass, treble and rhythm channels separately. I was pleased with how it came out. Hammertone paint always gives things a 1950s industrial look.

The battery just lights the three LEDs, and should last for ages, so long as the cables are unplugged when not in use.

Pickup fitting with Bobby and Jemima

I recently installed one of our hexaphonic pickup systems into a a guitar for Matt Shaw, who is one half of Bobby and Jemima.

Bobby and Jemima… AKA Charlese and Matt (not sure who is who!)

Matt provides a large chunk of the music for the act, playing guitar and drums – often at the same time – and he wanted to be able to send bass runs on the lower strings to a bass amp whilst simultaneously playing the melody and lead from the top strings out through a guitar amp. No problem at all!

I fitted a hexapup to the bridge position, wired out to a pair of output jacks, and an additional toggle switch gave the option of sending the G-string to either the bass or treble output. And we put one of our new P90 pickups in the neck position, with its own output for a third amplifier. Now Matt can make a lot of noise with one guitar!

Many thanks to Karen Duckworth who hung out with us for the afternoon and took these marvellous photos.

Lots of mess during the pickup transplant.

All stripped down and ready for the new pickups

Xaudia’s Meteor coil winder, and lots of wire!

Some fine tuning of the setup
All done!