Kolster Brandes KS651 speakers

I didn’t have space for a Melodium sculpture, but here is something that I do have space for! I was delighted to find a pair of Kolster Brandes KS651 speakers at our local car boot sale this Easter weekend.
Kolster Brandes speakers

Kolster Brandes KS651 speakers

They were made sometime around 1970, and have an unusual but very chic cylindrical design, with mahogan-ish veneer and aluminium and gold trim.  The bottom acts a bass chamber, and a horn mounted on the top projects the higher frequencies upwards, giving an omnidirectional behaviour in the horizontal plane.

Inside, there is just a single six inch driver, rated at 15 watts, and a lot of foam padding.

It is always a risk buying used speakers, but they both work perfectly and I am rather charmed by the sound. They rather soften and round the edges of the program material, but maintain a good stereo image. Perfect for relaxing in the evening, and an antidote to a day of precise listening on headphones and studio monitors. Although only rated for 15 watts they are plenty loud enough for home use, and well worth the £40 paid.

Gramophone magazine reviewed these in 1970, and they retailed at £31 when new. They recommend placing them on a shelf, but I really can’t agree with that. They seem perfectly suited to sitting on the floor of an elegant room and filling it with music – because of their omnidirectional behaviour they have a wide ‘sweet spot’, and are very easy to position.

They also make good cat pedestals, apparently!