Beebs to Belgium!

We have just shipped this rather lovely set of Reslo microphones to Thomas at Le Lupanar Studios in Belgium. He will be recording a brass section with two of our ‘Beeb’ Reslos, and a pair of upgraded cardioid Reslo CR mics on goosenecks.

His studio is still under construction but Thomas has been making a photo diary of the project – from the pictures so far it will be an amazing facility in a great location! How’s this for soundproofing…

Good luck with the building, and we will watch with interest as it all comes together.

Summer is here, and it is Reslo season.

Another typical day at the Xaudia studio & workshop…

Outside the studio …. flowers, blue sky and cows.

And inside, in the basement workshop…. a Reslo production line!
We see a lot of these little British microphones. The original ribbons are quite thick and have an unusual ‘square wave’ corrugation. Very often these have oxidised and become noisy, and after 50 years they usually benefit from a clean and a fresh ribbon.